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New Bond & Co. Comics On The Way

Now, while the previous article celebrated an International James Bond Comics Day, it's undeniable that under the helm of Dynamite Entertainment that the intellectual property licensed by Ian Fleming Publications did become more celebrated in the medium than ever before. We have one storyline already wrapped back in April, earlier this year, and another to conclude its arc next week, with both being part of the ongoing James Bond series, as well as a standalone adventure unrelated to the aforementioned title's chronology, Hammerhead releasing its third issue today, Dynamite's March 2017 solicitations revealed two more issues individually for two separate titles, of which one is related to the latter, and later on, a big announcement.

Hammerhead #6

Hammerhead, as pointed out previously, is a standalone six-issue limited miniseries written by Andy Diggle, illustrated by Luca Casalanguida, and colored by Chris Blythe, all too masterfully to state. It pits the famous British secret agent against a shadowy and radical anti-capitalist going by the name of Kraken who has plans for the United Kingdom's new developed nuclear arsenal. The title debuted in October 2016, having released three issues as of today, meeting positive reviews in the process as the story is cut in half.

James Bond 007: Hammerhead #6 artwork
by Francesco Francavilla
The cover artwork for the final issue of Hammerhead has the uncanny resemblance to George Lazenby's silhouette and his posture in one of his promotional stills in the guise of James Bond. Francavilla as always delivers his covers right on point without putting overcrowded measures in the image to describe what the story within the pages that the cover contains is about.

Synopsis:It all comes down to this. With the Royal Navy facing off against the Hammerhead super-weapon, and Britain’s nuclear arsenal in the hands of a war-mongering megalomaniac, 007 alone must infiltrate Kraken’s fortified retreat. He has a license to kill, and he aims to use it…

The last issue of Hammerhead is set to come out on 29 March 2017, while a collected edition containing all the six issues in one hardcover format is scheduled for release on 23 May 2017, five days before Ian Fleming's birthday.

Felix Leiter #3

As told in the previous article regarding the appearance of Felix Leiter for the first time ever in his own adventure vehicle as he's given the role of the protagonist rather than the usual procedure of having 007 enjoy the perks of the chase while being the hero, Leiter this time is given the spotlight, contracted by Tiger Tanaka to investigate a terrorist act in Japan, while tracking down a woman from his past who appears to be a Russian spy. As the mission progresses, things take turn for the worse as Leiter discovers deadly schemes set afoot in Tokyo and alongside Tanaka, gives pursuit to villainous cultist in possession of a biological weapon. Felix Leiter's first issue, as a reminder, will debut on 10 January 2017, with the storyline scripted by James Robinson and the art is illustrated by Aaron Campbell.

Felix Leiter #3 artwork by Mike Perkins
Mike Perkins is known for putting out great effort in delivery of the artworks he illustrates and this one alone screams originality while giving it the feel of a retro film poster in its structure overall, never ceasing to amaze just as with the previous two covers solicited in the past two months.

Synopsis:In the aftermath of a major terrorist attack in Tokyo by an Aum Shinrikyo-like cult, Felix Leiter finds himself unwittingly drawn into the investigation. And under the oversight of Tiger Tanaka—the Japanese James Bond—and with a squad of Tanaka’s elite operatives, Leiter himself helps to bring down the cult’s leader! 
But now it’s up to Leiter and Tanaka to work desperately against the clock: they must discover the secret of the cultist’s deadly bio-weapon – especially if they’re going to try and avert another terrorist attack!
This third issue of Felix Leiter is scheduled to come out on 15 March 2017, and three other issues are to follow in the up and coming months consecutively in accordance.

And now the announcement!

Black Box #1

While the official channels of Dynamite Entertainment haven't made any announcements regarding the title, as of yet, it appears the very next James Bond adventure that would have had Benjamin Percy penning the storyline is today revealed on ComiXology, with the artist being Rapha Lobosco. Previously, it was thought that Percy would pick up where Warren Ellis had left off with the ongoing James Bond series, but apparently, judging by the way this title is marketed, that isn't the case. It seems this might be another standalone six-issue miniseries from Dynamite Entertainment following the footsteps of Hammerhead by Diggle and Casalanguida. It's titled Black Box, and is given a dub of White Out as its Part One.

James Bond 007: Black Box #1 cover artwork 
Part One: Whiteout. The next epic adventure for 007 kicks off in the snowbound French Alps, where Bond finds himself in the crosshairs of an assassin who targets other assassins. This is the first puzzle piece in a larger adrenaline-fueled mystery that will send Bond across the globe to investigate a digital breach that threatens global security.
It might even turn out to be its own series and might exceed a six-issue narrative. All in all, it's pure excitement and mind-blowing revelation for a James Bond fan. At an earlier announcement when Percy was interviewed, he revealed that his aim is to have the adventure resemble the films more in vein than the novels. Dynamite is doing its miracles on days closing in for Christmas.

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