Thursday, February 8, 2018

James Bond returns in 'Forever and a Day' by Anthony Horowitz

Ian Fleming Publications has unveiled the title for the upcoming James Bond novel, the second penned by British author Anthony Horowitz after the success of 2015's Trigger Mortis, which placed Bond after the events of Goldfinger in 1957. Forever and a Day will be based on unpublished material by Ian Fleming just like its predecessor and the story will feature James Bond before the events of Casino Royale, the novel that initiated the saga in 1953.

When the body of agent 007 is found floating in the waters of Marseille killed by a mysterious enemy, M thinks of a new recruit to fill the shoes of the deceased 007: Bond, James Bond. 

While the (rebooted) past of James Bond and the earning of his 00 number has been described in the 2006 adaptation of Casino Royale, it looks like Forever and a Day will explore even more the past of the man before he became the new 007. As described by Ian Fleming, Bond earned his licence to kill by shooting a Japanese enemy at Rockefeller Centre and stabbing a Norwegian who was working for the opposition. It will be interesting to see how this will fit in this new novel and probably described in more detail. At the same time, the novel will see Bond fighting the underworld of the French Riviera.
In both Casino Royale and The Authorized Biography of 007 by John Pearson, it is mentioned that Bond had a showdown against a group of shadowy Rumanians at a baccarat table before he faced Le Chiffre in that memorable game that appears in the initial 007 novel. This is another aspect we're most likely to read in this new novel.

Forever and a Day will be published on the UK by Johnatan Cape on May 31, 2018, just days after what would have been Ian Fleming's 110th birthday. The book can be preordered at Amazon UK or Bookdepository with free shipping abroad.

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